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CTS-ADFS -  Set of 3 Anemone Desk Fidgets      $21.95

Anemone Desk Fidgets Setat Children's Therapy Store
Anemone Desk Fidgets Set
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Anemone Desk Fidget
Anemone Desk Fidget
Anemone Desk Fidget in use
The Anemone Desk Fidgets Set is a set of 3 bright red soft fidget strips with red tentacles that is perfect for a child's desk!  When fingers get fidgety, our Anemone Desk Fidget is a great outlet to play and feel. Use the included velcro to attach it just about anywhere under a table, inside the car, on top of a desk or on the wall near a bed. Kids can feel the soft tentacles anytime they need a fidget break while at school, doing homework, meal time or when focus is needed. Made from red plush polyester.  Set includes  three anemones each with velcro for attaching them to any surface you choose.  Has a great calming effect!

Anemone Desk Fidget Set Features include:
Directs fidgeting to an appropriate outlet
For children with autism, sensory processing disorder and ADHD
Encourages tactile exploration, reduces stress and calms anxiety
Includes three anemones and velcro
Size:      9"L x 2"W
Attach to any solid surface with included velcro
Made from red plush polyester
Surface wash. Air dry.
Made by Fun and Function
For  Age 4+
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