Cando® Microwavable Theraputty is a great for hand therapy for kids!
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Using Cando® Theraputty
Using Cando® Theraputty
Each are available in:  Soft Orange or Firm Blue

BNB-CT2   -   2 ounce Cando® Microwavable Theraputty               $7.50

BNB-CT3   -   3 ounce Cando® Microwavable Theraputty             $9.50

BNB-CT4   -   4 ounce Cando® Microwavable Theraputty             $11.50

BNB-CT6   -   6 ounce Cando® Microwavable Theraputty             $18.50

BNB-CT1P   -   1 pound Cando®   Microwavable Theraputty         $38.50

BNB-CT5P   -   5 pound Cando® Microwavable Theraputty         $163.50
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Cando® Microwavable Theraputty  for children at Children's Therapy Store
Cando® Microwavable Theraputty
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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Cando® Microwavable Theraputty™ exercise putty is the standard in resistive hand exercise material.  Cando has a new formula now  that allows you to warm exercise putty in a microwave. Use warmed therapy putty to perform soothing hand exercises.

Cando®  Microwavable Theraputty comes in 2 strengths.  The Orange microwavable putty is soft for strengthening the weakest grasp and the blue microwavable putty is firm for developing a stronger grip.

Cano Microwavable Theraputty Features:
     - Comes in convenient easy-open plastic containers
     Color coded in bright color  for strength levels
     Available in convenient easy-open plastic containers (2, 3, 4 and 6 ounce) for individual patients to use at home and a choice of larger containers (1and 5 pound) for the hospital or clinic.
     -  Available in 2 levels of resistance Soft and Firm.
     -  Perfect for finger and grip exercising