Gymnic® Physioroll Peanut Balls
A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
CT-FNP  -  Faster Blaster Exercise Ball Pump            $7.00

Dual Action Needle Ball Pump
Cando® Gel Hand Exercise Balls are great for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stroke recovery, stress reduction, strengthening and more.
Sizing Guideline:

40cm Ball inflates to 15.8"       Height for people  ~  49" - 53"
50cm Ball inflates to 19.7"       Height for people  ~  54" - 60"
60cm Ball inflates to 23.6"       Height for people  ~  61" - 69"
70cm Ball inflates to 27.6"       Height for people  ~  Over 70"
CT-FP40   -  40cm  Yellow  Cando® Peanut Ball          $29.95

CT-FP50   -  50cm  Orange    Cando® Peanut Ball      $39.95  

CT-FP60   -  60cm  Green     Candol® Peanut Ball      $49.95

CT-FP70   -  70cm  Red        Cando® Peanut Ball       $59.95

CT-FP80   -  80cm  Blue       Cando® Peanut Ball       $69.95
Cando® Saddle Rolls
Cando® Kid's Peanut Balls
The Cando Peanut Shaped Exercise Ball has a peanut shaped design which provides easy direction controlling. It is great for kids and seniors because the peanut ball offers moderate instability which means that it only rolls in one direction (forward and backward). Enhances focus by supporting need for movement. Contoured saddle provides stability. Shaped for forward and back rotation.  The Cando® peanut ball is comfortable, durable & easy to use.  Good for home use, in fitness facilities, rehabilitation or group settings. Also called a saddle roll. A popular brand used by therapists.

                   •  Made by Cando®
                   •  Made of standard PVC material
                   •  Sizes - 40 cm, 50cm, 60cm & 70 cm (Size is measured at the ends of the ball)
                   •  Color: Varies -  Blue, Red & Yellow
                   •  Has small grooves to provide extra traction
                   •  Comfortable & easy to use.
                   •  Can support up to 300  300 lbs.
                   •  Warranty: manufacturer's discretion
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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