Children's Mobility Products
A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
Children's Mobility Products  and mobility equipment for people with disabilities and specifically children with disabilities. Innovative equipment that allows children with disabilities to sit or stand and gives them freedom and independence plus allows them to do fun things their friends do.    Good for helping special needs children and all children with mobility issues.
Children's Exercise Balls from exercise Balls 'N' Bands home exercise fitness equipment
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Children's Mobility Walker
Children's Mobility Walker
Nimbo Roller Walker:  A Walker of posterior safety rollers supports the user from behind requiring them to procure a more upright posture and it also promotes trunk extension.  Comes in 4 sizes and colors.
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Tumble Forms 2® Jettmobile® Scooter:  develops sensory motor skills as well as provides fun and mobility for special needs children. Comes in 2 sizes: child & teen.
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-Tumble Forms 2 Jetmobile Scooter
Children's Mobility Products
Children's Mobility Products
Tumble Forms 2® Ready Racer: is a prewheelchair, pediatric mobility aid that combines high-performance wheelchair handling with sports-car styling. Adjustable handle available. 
Skillbuilders Crawler:  A height adjustable crawler that promotes crawling movements when the child needs added body support.   $114.95
Skillbuilders Crawler
Children's Balance Equipment
Tumble Forms Round Scooter Board :  A round scooter with 5 swivel wheels and large 24" base that has hand loops  $345.95
Children's Fidget Toys
Pediatric The Cuff Adjustable Ankle Weights : An adjustable weight that goes around the wrist for strengthening little wrists, arms, shoulder and hands Sold individually or in pairs.
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Children's Mobility Walker
Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller:  An adjustable anterior roller walker that adjusts . Ideal for exercise, strength training and rehabilitation treatment. Comes in 4 sizes.
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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Children's Balance Equipment
Children's Assistive Technology Products
Skillbuilders Strap Wedge
Skillbuilders Strap Wedges :  Wedge positioning shape for exercise therapy. They can be used under the back, arm or leg of a patient to position them in a comfortable and functional position for gross motor activities like tumbling, rolling, or walking. Come in a variety of sizes
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Children's Balance Equipment
Tumble Forms 2® scooter and T-Stool :   A padded Turtle System scooter and height-adjustable T-stool leg attachment. $359.95
See full description to order Thera Band Aquatic Swim Belts for Kids
Theraband Swim Belts :   A buoyancy belt for swimming, aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy  Comes in 3 sizes.