A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.

CT-COBM  - Medium 30 inch X 16 ft CoOperBlanket .........$200.00
Co-OperBlanket at Children's Therapy Store
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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The CoOperBlanket™ not only promotes group cooperation and creativity, but its resistant fabric produces strong yet flexible bodies!

The CoOperBlanket™ offers unique perspectives in cooperative movement! It can take a group of shy, reserved people and set them free with a wondrous, cooperative journey of movement.
They are quickly turned into a "trust me", "work with me" team, intent upon risk taking and exploration of space. CoOperBlanket™ not only builds a sense of community and creativity, its resistant fabric produces strong yet flexible bodies.  

CoOperBlanket™'s 8 oz. lycra/spandex strength and elasticity promotes group cohesion, trust, individual balance, and risk taking for up to 15 children at a time.

Children learn to feel and maintain their own boundaries, which helps them cooperate within a group. They love dancing images that are dynamic and active. You can feed them rich imagery, like a ship at sea during a storm. Use it with music. Soon your children will be making up their own stories!

You can bring creativity and fun to your exercise classes by using CoOperBlanket™. The fabric provides a resistance that not only feels good, but also maximizes stretching and strengthening of various muscle groups.

CoOperBlanket™ is machine washable, cold water, gentle cycle.
Small - suitable for couples or one to one 60" wide 10' in diameter.
Medium - suitable for up to 12 children age 8 or less 30" wide 16' in diameter.
Large - suitable for up to 12 people 60" wide 19' in diameter.