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CT-DB -  Desk Buddy Sensory Bar Fidget      $12.95

Desk Buddy Sensory Bar Fidget
Desk Buddy Sensory Bar Fidget
Every child needs a Desk Buddy at their desk!  Looks like a ruler but has a varies of sensory bumps and multiple textured tactile markings on it. This Sensory Bar Fidget will give your child something to fidget with at their desk or table that they can even chew on.   If your child constantly fidgets in his or her desk, or at home while doing homework, the Desk Buddy sensory bar is for them.  A team of occupational therapists, school teachers, and product engineers combined efforts to create this product for use both at home and in the classroom. For children who are always looking for different textures to touch or "fidget" with, the Desk Buddy is both practical and socially acceptable in a school setting. It is simply a ruler sitting on their desk. The Desk Buddy is constructed from an FDA approved material so its even safe to chew on if the need were to arise. Dishwasher safe and naturally bacteria resistant. Colors may vary.

Desk Buddy Sensory Bar Features include:

Creates a varies of sensory experiences with its multi textured surface
Engages gross motor and visual tracking skills
Makes a great fidget for school or home.
Naturally bacteria resistant
Dishwasher safe.
Helps with sensory perception
Improves tactile sensation
Made of clear vinyl & white foam pellets
Size 12"
For ages: 3 years old and up
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
To go with your Desk Buddy Sensory Bar Fidget.
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Desk Buddy Sensory Bar Fidget
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