Egg Exercise Balls
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Pezzi® Egg Therapy Exercise Balls at Children's Therapy Store
Egg Therapy Balls
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The Egg Ball is shaped somewhat like an egg to provide more stability than the typical round ball. The unique “egg” shape of these balls offers a larger contact base with the floor, providing increased stability during use. Their oblong form allows two people to sit on the EggBall at once. These strong, resilient plastic balls are indispensable for a wide range of uses in sport, balance, fitness, stability training and rehabilitation therapy. This egg therapy  ball is a versatile and effective exercise tool.

Egg-shaped balls provide stability from side-to-side movement. Lateral stability means you don't have to use so much balancing energy to keep from rolling off of the ball. This is especially helpful for persons in rehabilitation or just beginning a ball program and wanting more stability.

- Unique "egg" shape
- Strong, resilient plastic
- Wide range of uses

Available in size:  

18cm 14" Blue Mini
Pezzi Minni Egg Ball
CT-EB45   -  18cm Blue Pezzi  Mini Egg Therapy Ball     $29.95
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