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CT- EY -  Extra Soft Orange Eggercizer® Hand Exerciser    $7.75

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Eggsercizers® Hand Exercisers
Eggsercizers® Hand Exercisers for children at Children's Therapy Store
Eggercizer® Hand Exercisers
Eggsercizers® Hand Exercisers are ergonomically shaped and designed to fit the contours of your hand. The Eggsercizer has a shape and feel that patients love. Perfect for exercise and progressive rehabilitation of hand and arm muscles.  An excellent resource for the individual, physical therapist or rehabilitation clinic.

Ergonomically shaped - Eggsercizer provides highly effective rehabilitation for hands, fingers and wrists
They are small and easy to use. Good fit for most children's hands unless the child has very small hands.  Softer resistance levels than many hand exercisers.  Resistance levels are reduced, creating a softer feel, ideal for rehabilitation.  New surface modification process makes the Eggsercizer® smoother and eliminates stickiness.

Can be heated - The egg can be heated by simply “boiling the egg.” Simply place the egg in a mug of water and place in the microwave for 3 minutes on high. Do not place the egg in the microwave alone. * A heated egg will help increase the blood flow and help loosen arthritic fingers.
Can be chilled - Place egg in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes to chill. * A chilled egg will help decrease pain and inflammation.
Four densities are available for strengthing hands and arms. Extra Soft - Orange, Soft - Green, Medium - Blue, Firm - Purple.
Features of the Eggsercizers® Hand Exercisers:
                            -  Ergonomically shaped for hand exercising
Four densities availables.  Color coded to strength levels.
Can be heated or chilled.
  -  Can be used anywhere, anytime - increasing patient compliance
-   Four densities availables; extra soft, soft, medium and firm
  -  Made by REP
  - Rehabilitate post-operative and post-traumatic hands and arms
  -  Restore function in hands, arms and shoulders following a stroke
  - Reduce pain and stiffness in arthritic fingers,hands and wrists
  - Relax tense, sore muscles and reduce stress
  - Strengthen aging hand, arms and fingers
  - Ideal for keeping musicians fingers limber
CT- EG - Soft Green Eggercizer® Hand Exerciser                 $7.75
CT- EB -  Medium Blue Eggercizer® Hand Exerciser           $7.75
CT- EP -  Firm Purple Eggercizer® Hand Exerciser              $7.75
CT- ES -  Set of all 4 strengths Eggercizer® Hand Exercisers   $30
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