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CT-GF -  Gyrobi Fidget     $4.50
 Girobi Fidget
 Girobi Fidget
Girobi Fidget Toy
The Gyrobi Fidget is a colorful, interesting fidget perfect for fidgeting hands!  It twists, spins and rotates.  Experimenting with its possibilities can provide help with anxiety and focus.  Spinning the multi-colored, diminishing sized rings can also provide a visual calming.  Features 4 different color, interconnected rings that spin and rotate like a gyroscope between you fingers. Use this as a silent fidget in the classroom that won't distract other students. Keep one in your pocket for easy access when you are stressed. Or keep it handy as a transition toy to calm nerves as you move from one activity to the next.

If your child or anyone else you know has trouble staying focused enough to learn without doing something with their hands, this is the perfect little gadget for them to fidget with. This gyroscope inspired fidget by The Pencil Grip(TM) twists, spins, and rotates at the slightest manipulation of your fingers. It will not only help focus your floating attention when you need to, it's also a fun way to pass the time in any situation where you are forced to wait. Made from durable, non-toxic materials. Easily wipes clean. 

You can hold it comfortably and spin the colorful plastic rings in fascinating ways with the touch of a finger. Gyrobi brings together the science of gyroscopes and the pleasure of absent-minded fidgeting. . Great for hand exercise and manipulation too!

Features of the Girobi Fidget :
Great for the student that loves to fidget - Fidget to focus!
Made from durable, non-toxic materials
Size:  3 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Colors vary
For Ages 3+
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