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CT-HDSBS12 -  Set of 6 HEAVY DUTY 12" Scooter Boards    $129.95

fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Scooter Board.
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The Kid's HEAVY DUTY Plastic Scooter Board SET of 6 is great fun for kids.  Kids will learn to go forward, backward, sideways,  and around and around. These Scooter Boards help children estimate speed and distance and is great for obstacle courses. Choice of 2 sizes: 12" x 12"  or 16" x 16"   Set of 6 Heavy-Duty Scooters in multicolors.

The kid's scooter board develops strength of the upper and lower extremities and can be used in a sitting, kneeling or prone position for prone extension. Supports motor planning and vestibular activities. An ideal tool for children who need additional work with vestibular training and motor planning especially those on the autism spectrum or with sensory and balance challenges. Use at school, during physical education, at the clinic or home.

12" & 16" Kid's HEAVY DUTY Scooter Board with Handles SET of 6 Features include:

Good for sitting, for balance and for posture.
Helps with balance and coordination
Develops upper and lower body
Helps Kids Estimate Speed and Distance
Perfect for Obstacle Courses
Made of 1/5in poly plastic
Non-marring plastic swivel casters; wheels swivel 360
12"x 12" seating area for 12" scooter and 16"x 16" seating area for 16" scooter .
Choice of 2 sizes: 12" x 12"  or 16" x 16"
Colors: Rainbow colors in each set red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple
Made by Champion Sports
Do not use on sloped floors, hallways or near stairs.
Keep hands & fingers away from casters.
Do not stand on scooter board, one rider at a time.
Do not use in such a way that will cause it to be tipped
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
*Adult Supervision required.
For ages: 3 years old and up
Kid's Heavy Duty Scooter Board set 16" and 12"
Set of 6 Heavy Duty Scooter Boards
CT-HDSBS16 -  Set of 6 HEAVY DUTY 16" Scooter Boards    $159.95
Set of 6 Heavy Duty Scooter Boards in Rainbow Colors 12
kids scooter board no handles
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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