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Black LearningBoard and Tiny Mouse Set for your computer
Kid's Lessonboard Keyboard
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CT-LSB -  LessonBoard Keyboard     $22.95
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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The LessonBoard Kid's Keyboard is a standard-size computer keyboard that is color-coded by finger to show correct finger placement, help reduce the chance of forming bad keyboarding habits, and improve precision and speed. Plus, correct keyboarding can help anyone who may have cognitive or physical differences that restrict learning.

The LessonBoard™ features include:

• Keys color-coded by finger.
• Complements classroom curriculum.
• Helps make better use of classroom/computer time.
• Reduces the chance of young kids forming bad keyboarding habits.
• Motivates students to do schoolwork.
• Improves creative thought and encourages keyboarding success.
• Prepares students for a growing technological society.

Operating System: Windows 98SE and newer, MAC OS 10.1.5 and newer
Compatibility: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, MAC OS 10.1.5 and higher
Safety: FCC CE Approved
Environmental Standards: RoHS
Connector: USB (PS/2 adapter included for older systems) Size: 18" x .75" x 6.75"
LessonBoard Computer Keyboard by Chester Creek