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CT-MCSB -  Multi Color Rubber String Ball     $3.95

Multi Color Rubber String Ball at Children's Therapy Store
Muli-Color Rubber String Ball
Stringy Koosh Ball
Our Multi Colored Rubber String Balls helps relieve stress and provide hours of fun play. A perennial favorite, Rubber String Balls are great for tossing, catching, squeezing, and juggling. The unique texture and feel of the rubber “tentacles” provides a sought after sensory experience as well. The visually engaging, multi-color balls integrate a heavy bungee loop so that it can be clipped onto a belt loop, a backpack, or used like a pretend "fishing lure".  These resilient, super soft balls with easy-to-grasp strands have a soothing, squishy texture kids love.

The rubber string ball is 3" diameter fits in your hand. Colorful rubber strings provide a vibrant diversion. They are the ultimate stress reliever and fun achiever! Trainers love to use Koosh string balls for icebreakers, reinforcement games, and they also make great fidget toys.   Popular with kids for their neat feeling texture.

Sensory Soother Ball Features include:

Good sensory ball for relieving stress and for fun play 
Engages gross motor and visual tracking skills
Stress reliever and fun achiever
Good fidget toy
Improves tactile, visual and auditory sensation
Made of rubber
Size 3" diameter
For ages: 3 years old and up
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Multi Colored Rubber String Ball.
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