Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
Children's Therapy Store New Products and therapeuic toys for kids.  Good for helping special needs children and all children.
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FitPro NEON Exercise Stability Ball :   Excellent quality burst resistant therapy balls that come in 4 bright Neon COLORS.  Choice of green, pink, yellow & orange   3 size balls available.
Click HERE to order your Neon FitProTherapy Balls.
Children's Balance Equipment
Bonito the Horse Balance Trainer :  A  horse shaped pediatric balance trainer that is fun to use and sturdy!  Kids love it. Choice of 2 colors Red or Blue  $49.95
Click HERE to see details and order Bonito the Horse.
Children's Balance Equipment
DynairŪ Balance Seat :  A child size balance seat for active sitting, ballance and pediatric balance training that is fun to use and sturdy!  Kids love it.  $66.95
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Imagnitive Play Toys
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WePlay Forest Tunnel Play Set : A large set of construction withnumerous panels and boards and decorations that can be rearranged as a tunnel for children to crawl through or as a path for children to walk on. Also works for balance, creative and sensory skills.  $919.95
Slush Ball :  A squeeze ball that feels like slush when you squeeze it. They are stress-reducers and hand strengtheners for kids.  Good for rehab.   $4.95
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Edu Bloxxs ABC Blocks
AquaBells Minis Water Filled Dumbbells : Water filled dumbbells that weigh less than 24 ounces Compact & easy to fill with water Can provide up to 8 lbs of resistance depending on how much they are filled.  Set of 2  $42.95
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Crystal Bead Fidget Balls:  Soft cover squishy balls filled with crystal beads.  Fun to use and calming. $7.25 
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Hoberman Mini Sphere Rainbow
Gel Bead Frog Squeeze Ball :  A brighrt green frog shaped squeeze ball great for sensory squeezing.  Fun to play with.  $8.50
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Spin Flex Ring Fidget Toy : Colorful metal spring toy the makes a great fidget a single continuous strand of Stainless Steel, coiled up as many rings. $10.50
boinks fidget toy
Imagnitive Play Toys
Imagnitive Play Toys
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Weplay Jungle Trail Balance Path  A new balance platform inspired by a forest pathway offers different height, width and flat or convex surface for balancing activity. The logs are flat on one side and convex on the other.  $294.95
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Weplay Over the Mountain :    A new balance platform inspired by a forest pathway offers different height, width and flat or convex surface for balancing activity. The logs are flat on one side and convex on the other.  $294.95
Pediatric Vestibular Physical Therapy Products a
WePlay Twinkle Stones Set:   A 2 in 1 balance training product which contains stars, stones and balls to be used as a set or separately for multiple activities.   $169.95
Children's FidgetToys
Giant Color Morph Fidget Stress Ball : A large almost 6" soft squishy fidget ball that is fun to squish, pull and play with. $17.95
Hand Therapy Toys
Bubble Gum Fidget Ball : A soft squishy fidget ball your hands will relax to. $4.50
Bubble gum fidget ball
 Calmers for Kids
Weighted Multi Color Fleece Blanket Calmer : A multi-color dye dye patterned fleece weighted blanket Available in 3 sizes
See Full Description to order your Weighted Multi-Color Blanket Individually
Sensory Therapy Products
Hippo Hot and Cold Gel Calmer Toy :  A gel filled colorful cuddly plush hippo toy that can be chilled or micro-waved for cold and heat to relax and calm children. A cuddly friend to cozy up with that makes a great calmer!  $19.95
Children's Therapy Store
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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Kid's Therapy Balls
Balance Bagel
Balance Bagel Seat Cushion :  A bagel shaped balance seating cushion.Great for tactile sensory use as well.  $39.95
Kid's Therapy Balls
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Stay N Place Ball A ball that does not roll when your child stands up!  Feels the same as and exercise ball but is weighted with sand so it will not roll away.  $34.95
Children's Chewy Fidgets
ChewEase : A clip-on non-toxic chewing solution device that encourages self-regulated chewing in children with sensory processing needs or oral fixations.Strengthen jaw muscles for mouth or motor skill development.Clip prevents loss. $13.95
Children's Chewy Fidgets
Chewgem Dog Tag Chew Necklaces : Dog Tags come two each on a rugged break-away cord. Designed for mild chewers. Choice of 5 different colors including red, blue, green, blue camo & pink camo.  $21.95
See page to select your Dog Tag Necklaces
Sensory Therapy Toys
Steady Ellie Elephant Balancing Game :  A wooden balancing game with wooden sticks and an elephant. Fun for all ages.  $14.95
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Body Tappers Percussion Massagers :  Massage balls on specially designed percussion like sticks that are both fun and easy to use for massage.  $14.95.
Body Tappers Percussion Massagers
Sensory Therapy Toys
WePlay Crystal Carnival Building Set : This special building set brings fun to stacking, shape matching, color sorting, and color mixing games. It has different transparent animal shape blocks in red, blue, yellow and clear along with a curvy base used for storage, sorting.  $59.50
Crystal Carnival Building Set
Children's Motor Skills Development Products
Beanstock Set
WePlay Beanstock Creative Play Set:  creative play kit, in which you use stackable beans to create 2D and 3D shapes and creations. Also includes support mirrors, sticks and baseboards. $112
Kid's Ergonomic mouse
Listening First Kid's Stereo Headphone
Switch Adapted Spunky the Dog Toy : A brown plush battery operated Pony that is switch adapted with a switch plug to be used   $75
Hand Therapy Toys
Battery Operated Pig Plush Toy
Switch Adapted Birthday Bear Toy : A plush bear with party hat and cupcake in had that is switch adapted with a switch plug to be used   $74.75
Kid's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Switch Adapted T Rex Toy : A walking T-Rex Dinosaur that is switch adapted with a switch plug to be used   $54.95
Kid's Hand Therapy
Pediatric The Cuff
Cando Childrens Hand Weights : A child sized weight for hands designed to enable the use of all fingers when worn Secured with a strap that wraps across the palm and wrist. Available for the left and right  hands, ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 LB sold individually.
See Full Description to order your Childrens Hand Weights.
Sensory Therapy Toys
Wrist Weights Set : A pair of wrist 1/4 lb wrist weights made of soft fleece fabric and filled with plastic pellets.  Good sensory calmer. Choice of blue, red or green colors $27.50
See Full Description to order your Wrist Weight Sets
 Calmers for Kids
Weighted Plaid Lap Pad Calmer : A plaid color weighted  Lap Pad  Available in 3 weighted sizes
See Full Description to order your Weighted Plaid Lap Pads Individually
Children's calmers
Zooey the Zebra Animal Calmer : A 5 lb colorful zebra shaped calmer filled with plastic pellets for a solt weighted calming and sensory experience.    $81.50
Weighted Turtle Calmer
Children Therapy Games
I Feel Angry When Game - teaches kids how to keep their cool using "I" messages and anger control strategies.  $36.50
Children Therapy Games
Upside Down Divorce Board Game - Board Game that help kids learn to develop new coping skills to help them deal with the common problems that occur after a separation or divorce.  $53.50
Children Therapy Games
No More Bullies Board Game - Teaches children how to handle bullies and stand up for themselves!. Players will learn how to avoid being picked on, what to say to a bully, and who to talk to about the problem. $53.95
No More Bullies Board Game
 Calmers for Kids
Tangle Relax Therapy
Cocoon Swing : Cozy soft Lycra fabric swing that provides deep pressure input and a perfect aid for children who have difficulty maintaining their equilibrium  Comes in 3 colors: blue, red & green
See Full Description to order your Cocoon Swing individually
 Calmers for Kids
Head Protector  :  A protective soft top helmet that is worn to protect your child's head.  Comes in 5 sizes.
Soft top head protector
See Full Description to order your Head Protector