balance training equipment for children
A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
Children's Therapy Store
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
Children's Balance Equipment
WePlay Whally Board : A fun fish shaped balance board for kids!  Great for building posture and coordination and strengthen their motor coordination.  $109.95
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Children's Balance Equipment
Coral Adventure Balance Beam
WePlay Coral Adventure Balance Beam Set : A hard plastic tactile balance beams with special columns that connect to make ocean or sea scenes.    $374.95
Children's Balance Equipment
WePlay Wavy Tactile Path
Weplay Tactile Path :  A path either straight, curved or combo of both pathway for kids to walk on.  Great for sensory and balance. Comes in 3 types
Click HERE to see details and order the WePlay Tactile Path.
Children's Therapy Store New Products and therapeuic toys for kids.  Good for helping special needs children and all children.
Children's Exercise Balls from exercise Balls 'N' Bands home exercise fitness equipment
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Children's Balance Equipment
Knot Genie Teeny Genie
Knot Genie Sensory Hair Brushes :  A special child's hair brush makes it easier to brush your hair and gently and painlessly detangle your hair. Provides a calming sensory effect. Comes in 3 sizes
See Full Description to order your Knot Genie Hair Brush individually
Creative Play Therapy Toys
WePlay Icy Ice Building Set: A building set of snowflake shaped blocks in 4 colors the interlock to create both 2D and 3D creations  Fun and great learning experiences to be had using them.  $219.95
Creative Play Therapy Toys for kids
WePlay Learning Cube
WePlay Learning Cube: A plastic cube with shapes and a toddle safe mirror for creative play, building imagination, & learning shapes, numbers, colors, size and more.  $69.95 
Children's Creative Play Therapy Toys
3D Wooden Animal Puzzles :  Great creatibe puzzle toy.  Comes in 4 shapes and difficulties: Lion, Dinosaur, Fish, & Owl.  $5.95
See Full Description to order your 3D Wooden Animal Puzzles.
Children's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
KaleidoscopesA colorful continious motion kaleidoscope with glitter.   The colorful changing forms are relaxing .$9.95
Children's Balance Equipment
kids scooter board no handles
HEAVY DUTY Scooter Board Set of 6 :  Heavy Duty plastic scooter boards in seta of 6 either 12" or 16" sizes   
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Children's Balance Equipment
Weplay Twiggle Toss Set
WePlay Twiggle Toss Game :  A set of 6 rings with a moving base that combines the fun of classic ring toss and bean bag toss with the added challenge of a rock-able base.   $69.95
Kid's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
DFX Diamond PowerBall Exercisers :  A spinning ball inside a lighted container that uses gyroscopic exercise to strengthen, hands, fingers and wrists!  Smaller version of the DFX Platinum Powerball  $15.95
DFX PowerBall Hand Exerciser
See Full Description to order your  Diamond PowerBall Hand Exerciser
Children's Fidget Toys
Large Puffy Hair Bear Squeeze Fidget : Large puffy bears with funky hair that are perfect for squeezing.  A 5 1/2" sensory fidget toy.  $5.95
Sensory Therapy Balls
Heart Tummy Puffer BearFidget Toy : A cute baby bear filled with air that is squeezabe and fun to squish.  $2.50
Heart Tummy Puffer Bear
Children's FidgetToys
Sweetheart Puffer Hearts :  Colorful heart shaped puffers that loved to be squeezed.  $3.95
Sweatheart Puffer Hearts
Children's FidgetToys
Stretchy Noodle YoYo Ball : Colorful noodle Yoyo style fidget that works like a yoyo.  $2.25
SYoyo Ball
Sensory Fidget Balls
Klixx Fidget Toy :  A jointed chain fidget toy that makes a clicking sound when you bend or twist it. Can make many shapes out of it  32 links.  $3.25
Children's FidgetToys
Sensory Bead Balls with Key Chains :  Set of 3 sensory balls with key chains with different textures and colors for sensory fidget fun. $24.95
Fidget Key Chain Sensory Balls Set
Hand Therapy Toys
Sporty Gel Hand Theray Balls
Sporty Gel Hand Fidget Balls :  Gel therapy fidget balls in the shape of sports balls: football, soccer ball and base ball. $7
Sensory Fidget Balls
Emoji Gell Fidget Ball
Emoji Gel Fidget Ball : A gel ball with an emoji face on it.  Will make you laugh and a great way to deal with emotions. Comes individually or a set of 4
See page to select your Emoji Gel Fidget Ball
Kid's Motor Skills DevelopmentToys
Fingerless Spikey Hyper Flex Glove  :  A fingerless spiky glove make of soft spiky material for sensory stimulation.  Can be used in a variety of ways.  $7.95
Atom 7 Disc Shooting Robot
Children's FidgetToys
Spiky Sensory Rainbow Pellet Massage Balls:  Spikey sensory ball that are transparent with colorful pellets in them for auditory stimulation Sold individually or as a set of 3.
See Full Description to order your Spiky Sensory Rainbow Pellet Massage Balls.
Sensory Therapy for hands
Thera-Snow : Therapeutic cold/hot snow to use for sensory development and gross motor skills.  Fun to use for kids. 2 sizes: 2.8 oz & 14.1 oz
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Hand Therapy Toys
Thera-Sand :  An indoor sand that behaves like wet sand but is dry to the touch.  $25.95
Waba Fun Thera-Sand
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Baby Therapy Toys
Oball Twist O Round Toy : Bright colored circular rings that also make sound are wonderful teething rings for your child.  Easy to grasp.  $7.50
Baby Therapy Toys
Oball Grip and Teeth Keys :  Special teething keys with different textures and shapes that are flexible.  $5.95
Battery Operated Plush Animal Toys for children
Little RetrieverBattery Operated Plush Toy 81056
Barney the Beagle Puppy Dog
Battery Operated Plush Animal Toys for children
Battery Operated Plush Animal Toys for children
Ellie Elephant Singing Plush Toy
Ellie Elephant Animated Singing Plush Battery Operated Toy
Miss Kit-Tea Singing Plush Toy
Elliot Elephant Animated Plush Battery Operated Toy
Battery Operated Plush Animal Toys for children
Elliot Elephant Singing Plush Toy
Elliot Elephant Animated Plush Battery Operated Toy
Battery Operated Plush Pet Toys for kids
STEGOSAURUS Singing Plush Toy
Stegosaurus Roar & More  Dinosaur Plush
Battery Operated Plush Animal Toys for children
Elliot Elephant Singing Plush Toy
Elliot Elephant Animated Plush Battery Operated Toy
Children's therapy games
Counseling Balls - Balls to use with children elementary age.  A variety of topics are available to create discussions and let the child think through various issues. $21.95
Click HERE to pick out your counseling ball.
Children's therapy games
Friendship Farm Backpack Buddy Set of 6 Therapy Games - 6 backpacks with card therapy games for teaching children to social skills.  $139.95
Therapy Balls
Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball
Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball: A purple Unicorn shaped plush covered hopping balls with a handle sized  just right for kid's bodies.  Great for hopping around indoors for young children  $34.95
 Calmers for Kids
Foot Massaging Puppy Massager :  A giant soft plush puppy slipper your slip your feet in for a gentle calming massage.  Great for tired feet and makes a great calmer!  $39.95
Children's Keyboards & Mouse
Big Blu Kinderboard with Bluetooth
BigBlu Kinderboard Kid's Keyboard :  A bluetooth enhanced large key keyboard that  assists children with vision or motor-skill impairments.  $57.95
Children's Keyboards & Mouse
Big Blu VisionBoard with Bluetooth
BigBlu Visionboard :  A bluetooth enhanced large key keyboard that with large white keys that assists children with vision impairments.  $57.95
Children's Keyboards & Mouse & Headphones
Animal Mice: Choice of good quality Dog, Froggy, Giraffe, Pig , Puppy,  Turtle or Tiger Mouse
Click HERE to see details and order the your ANIMAL Mouse
Giraffe Mouse
Piggy Mouse
Puppy Mouse
Patch the Dog Mouse
Lighted Frog Mouse
Rosey the Dog My Happy Pillow :  A Plush Pink Dog head shaped pillow for expressing emotions, calming, relaxing and as a cuddle friend. $19.99
 Calmers for Kids
Tiger Earmuff Hearing Protector
Tiger Earmuff Noise Protector:  A Panda face shaped earmuff for protection from loud noises is kid-sized and ergonomic to block out distracting sounds. Makes a great calmer.$22.95
Miracle Belt & Sensory Belt :  A calming weighted therapy belt which has been proven to promote self-calming, balance, and increased body awareness Comes in sizes for children, teens and adults.
See Full Description to order your Miracle and Sensory Belts individually.
Hand Therapy Toys
Stretchy Dough Fidget Ball
Boing High Bounce Putty :  A putty that can make high bounce balls.  You can bounce it, mold it and squish it.  $2.95
Hand Therapy Toys
Dachound Squeeze Fidget :  A squeezable & soft dachshund with little bones inside squeeze toy. It is great for fidget, relieving stress and strengthening hands and fingers.  $4.75
Therapy Balls
See Full Description to order your DURABALL
DuraBalls: Durable,high bouncing, flexible exercise play balls. Good for both indoor and outdoor use. Come in 2 sizes: 20" & 36"
Therapy Balls
FitPro NEON Exercise Stability Ball :   Excellent quality burst resistant therapy balls that come in 4 bright Neon COLORS.  Choice of green, pink, yellow & orange   3 size balls available.
Click HERE to order your Neon FitProTherapy Balls.