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CTS-RCPSB - Roylco Create and Play Sensory Beads     $19.95

To go with your Rolyco Create and Play Sensory Beads
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Roylco's Create and Play Sensory Beads are made of a brightly colored material is soft and flexible, yet durable enough for lots of touching and squeezing. Each shape has a recognizable geometric form: triangle, circle, oval, rectangle, square, hexagon. The surfaces have raised bumps, ridges and grooves that reflect the overall shape and stimulate the sense of touch. Each textured bead has an extra-large threading hole, making it easy to string them all together using a variety of materials. Use this set of sensory beads to help kids reduce stress while developing fine motor skills. The material is excellent for art activities. Press the shapes into clay to create fun, squishy patterns. Dip them into paint or press them into an ink pad to create colorful artwork!

Good for: All, ADHD,  Arts and Crafts, Autism, Beads & Buttons, Fine Motor Skills, Manipulatives, Math, New Arrivals, Sensory, Sorting & Patterning,  Special Needs.

Features of the Roylco Softie Buttons :
Great sensory and learning buttons
50 big soft squichy buttons in a package
Size of each button: 2 x 2 (5cm x 5cm)
Holes for stringing
6 Assorted bright colors: red, yellow, green , blue orange and purple
7 Different Designs: square, circle triangle, hexagon, heart ,star, and flower
Made in USA by Rolyco
Ages 3+ and grades pre-school - 12th
Rolyco Create and Play Sensory Beads at Children's Therapy Store
Create and Play Sensory Beads
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