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CT-SSB -  Sensory Soother Ball      $13

Sensory Soother Ball at Children's Therapy Store
Sensory Soother Ball
Sensory Soother Ball
The Sensory Soother Ball creates a unique sensory experience!  This special sensory ball has so many different options for creating a sensory experience! Inflated with air, this clear vinyl 12" ball becomes a fun exercise that engages gross motor and visual tracking skills.  You will receive a visual, tactile and auditory sensation that's irresistible when using the sensory soother ball

The small white foam pellets contained within the interior cylinder shake and move when the ball is tossed or turned. When water is added to the interior cylinder, the pellets delicately float up and down as the ball is moved, transforming it into a gentle, soothing visual display. You can even add food coloring or metallic confetti to personalize or create some sparkle. Instructions included.

Sensory Soother Ball Features include:
Creates a varies of sensory experiences   
Engages gross motor and visual tracking skills
Increases awareness of body position
Helps with sensory perception
Improves tactile, visual and auditory sensation
Made of clear vinyl & white foam pellets
Size 12"
For ages: 3 years old and up
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
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