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STEADY HEADZ - the Sport & Therapeutic  Balance Coach that sits on your head

Steady Headz is a training tool helps athletes keep a steady head. It works like a sport and therapeutic balance coach to aid you in your sports and workouts.  t is adjustable to fit all size heads.  Helps with COMPREHENDING BALANCE, CONCENTRATION and MUSCLE MEMORY. Just place Steady Headz on the top of your head comfortably and keep it balanced  from falling off while doing your athletic activities.  Adjusts to accommodate all head sizes and skill levels.  If you want more of a challenge adjust it smaller.  It can even be worn on the top of a hat or visor.  BEGINNERS can WEAR SLIGHTLY pulled down on head until capable of wearing looser. Great for golf, baseball, tennis, softball, pilates, yoga, martial arts and any sport or activity that requires balance.  Steady Headz can be EVERY coaches and students ANSWER to self-teaching and UNDERSTANDING balance and movement.  Made in the USA  color varies.
Steady Headz are also extremely helpful in physical therapy, where mobility and balance need work during recovery from injury, and patients benefit from direct physical feedback of head position.

Colors vary
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