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CT-TFB -  Tangle Friendship Bracelet.......$2.95

Tangle Friendship Bracelet
Tangle Friendship Bracelet
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The Tangle Friendship Bracelets are a fun and fashionable fidget toy!  Made of  pieces you can unsnap and trade with all of your friends.  Perfect to wear, share, twist, turn, connect, and collect, and it is more than just fun to play with, it can actually help keep you focused and aid as a distractor  from trichotillomania or skin picking urges.  With twelve interchangeable macaroni-shaped pieces in different colors and styles, you and your friends can create your own unique bracelets to represent your friendships.

Each Tangle Snap'n'Twist Friendship Bracelet is made up of 12 macaroni shaped pieces that can be taken apart to connect and collect with all your friends. The Tangle Friendship Bracelet can also be connected to the full Tangle Jr Fidget Toy so that kids can make truly unique playthings after school or during vacation play. In the hand, the Tangle can be manipulated and twisted into different shapes and configurations, it can also be worn as a bracelet. Small for easier single-handed manipulation. The Tangle bracelet can be rolled and molded in the hand while in school, in a meeting, or during training to quiet the mind and aid in focus and knowledge retention.

Increases relaxation and reduces stress
Release of creativity and increased range of motion
Relaxing manipulation aids in focus and concentration at work or school
Focused attention on the Tangle aids in relaxation and stress-reduction
Anyone, regardless of age or physical dexterity, can use it
Latex-free for the allergy-conscious
Tangle color may vary
For ages 5 yrs. And up
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