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WePlay® Apple Links
WePlay® Apple Links Building Toy Set
Weplay Apple Links is a building block set consisting of lightweight green and red cubes (apples), 2 sizes of brown plastic bumpy rods (caterpillars), green foam ovals (leaves), and a wooden needle (caterpillar) and thread. The “apples” have a holes on each side and corners for builders to insert “caterpillars” or needle and thread to attach other “apples” or “leaves” to build their own abstract creations or representations of other real world objects. The set contains more than 80 pieces, making it ideal for interactive partner play or individual exploration of creativity and construction. Illustrations are provided for examples, and a Weplay YouTube channel highlights builders at work and their creations.

The Weplay Apple Links Building Toy Set combines sequencing play apples, leaves, and caterpillars to enhance finger dexterity and cognitive motor skills. Stackable Apples provide limitless possibilities for balance and different levels of stacking activities. While threading the Apples and Leaves, children experience different textures. Caterpillars come in two different lengths for more versatile designs. Threading and tying with the Needle Caterpillar provides basic training for daily self-care abilities. Needle Caterpillar can be used to link Apples in a flexible structure and make more interesting and unique creations. Apples come in two colors providing more versatile designs and allow for playing instructional activities. Set can be used individually or with multiple children..

WePlay® Apple Links Building Set Features include:

Enhance fine movement ability through threading Apples with the Needle Balance & Movement and tying knots.
Connecting the Apples, Caterpillars, and leaves helps develop hand-eye-brain integration.
Enhance the stability of hand muscle control and spatial stacking concept by building just Apples or just Caterpillars (Large and Small).
Promote creative thinking through creative design.
Spatial concepts are explored while threading Needle Caterpillar and building different components into concrete shapes.
Children can advance their observation and attention skills by moving the Needle Caterpillar backwards through the finished creation to release it.

10 - green apple
10- red apple
20 caterpillar small
20 caterpillar large
2 - needle caterpillar
2 - string
20 - dual colored leaf

Made of PP, polyester, nylon, non woven
Made in Taiwan
Ages: 2+
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
apple links construction set
CT-WAL -  WePlay Apple Links Building Set  $79.95
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your WePlay® Apple Links Building Toy Set.
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