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CT-WPWTPB -  BLUE WePlay Wavy Tactile Path   $345

WePlay® Wavy Tactile Path at Children's Therapy Store
WePlay® Wavy Tactile Path Balance Beams
WePlay® Wavy Tactile Path
Create a fun sensory and balance activity with the 8 Piece Weplay Wavy Tactile Path Balance Beams. Kids will love walking on this wavy tactile path and play their imaginative games on them. This innovative kids toy is built to offer the perfect tactile sensory intensity and an ergonomic design so it fits nicely against the arch of a child's foot. The path takes the idea of a balance bean to a new level by creating a series of hills and valleys. The patterns and the width of the board are designed to offer the most suitable tactile sensory intensity for the human body as well as the most realistic "nature" experience for children.

The Wavy Tactile Path Set can be arranged into curvy or linear patterns to provide users with multiple ways of playing. This can help stimulate motor planning by allowing children to experience a variety of configurations and you can even allow them to create their own improving imagination and planning skills. The slight slopes on the 4 sides of the board not only offer balance control for the front and back, but also stimulate the left and right balance.

WePlay® Tactile  Features include:

    Helps children learn to adapt the environment from game experiences   
    Increases awareness of body position
    Helps strengthen body balance and balance development
    Improves self-confidence and reaction capacity through challenges of the game
    Stimulation of the foot sole will lead to tactile development to the body
    Improve emotional stability and concentration ability
    Activates the muscle development
    Help children adapt to new environment through games.
    Help children cultivate spatial concepts through arranging and constructing.
    Contains: 8 piece Set
    Maximum height: 29 cm
    Weight Capacity: 176 lbs. (80 kg)
    Maximum height: 29 cm
    For ages: 3 years old and up
    Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
WePlay® Wavy Tactile Path Balance Beams BLUE
WePlay® Wavy Tactile Path Balance Beams GREEN
CT-WPSTPG -  GREEN WePlay Wavy Tactile Path   $345
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WePlay® Wavy Tactile Path
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