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CT-WPWBM56  -  56 Piece WePlay We-Block Minis Creative Blocks  $199.95

WePlay® We-Block Minis Creative Blocks at Children's Therapy Store
WePlay® We-Block Minis Creative Building Blocks
The WePlay® We-Block Minis is a set of building blocks that can  help develop children's visual, spatial and observation abilities. We-Block Minis are an amazing creative play toys. The set is made up of large, tactile blocks that are sturdy and light-weight. These blocks take building to a whole new level. Each set has 5 different block types in bright, primary colors. All blocks are grooved to make stacking and moving them easier. Some of the blocks are simple geometric shapes and others have windows. These shapes are familiar to daily life, encouraging role play.

Kids will learn to convert 2D images into 3D models while strengthening fine motor skills. These We-Play Minis® building toys also stimulate children's interest in exploring different shapes and spaces while letting them enhance their creativity. Blocks can be stacked on each other for easy storage. The block dimensions are approximately: 8" x 8" x 0.5". Ages: 3 years & up.

The 28-piece set includes 4 triangles, 4 blocks with rectangle windows, 4 blocks with square windows, 6 blocks with big windows, and 10 solid blocks.

The set of 56 pieces includes 8 Triangles, 8 blocks with rectangular windows, 8 blocks with square windows, 12 blocks with big windows & 20 solid block pieces

WePlay® We-Block Minis Creative Blocks Features include:

Choice of Set of 28 We-Block Minis or 56 We-Block Minis
Four colors: Red, yellow, blue and green
5 different shapes
For ages: 3 years & up
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Posture Ball.
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