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Yuck-E-Balls at Children's Therapy Store
To go with your Yuck-E-Balls.
Abilitations Yuck-E-Balls are interest-grabbing activities tools to bring excitement to your gross-motor skills activities.  The shells are filled them with 3/4"D (1.9cm) PVC balls and a non-toxic gel. This combination of materials creates a fluid environment, within which the PVC balls glide easily when squeezed. Catch Them...Juggle Them...Toss Them...Squeeze Them Yuck-E-Balls are among the easiest balls to catch. The small PVCS balls are gel literally mold themselves to the catcher's hand. Its weight provides a great kinesthetic feedback that, when combined with their catching properties, makes them ideal for use in juggling activities. Yuck-E-Balls stop where dropped, making them a great alternative to beanbags. They provide tactile feedback that encourages and sustains whole-hand manipulation. The slightest movement puts the internal PVC balls into fluid motion that ends only when the manipulation stops. Sold as a set of 6 or individually.

Get a Cover for your Yuck-E-Balls! These ingenious covers transform our best-selling Yuk-E-Balls into ANOTHER sensory treat! Simply slip the Yuk-E-Ball into the sumptuous TouchMe cover, zip up the opening and the rest is simply irresistible! As your fingers explore the scrumptious fiber textures, the weight of the small beads inside Yuk-E-Balls shift...making the experience your tactile favorite! You can use them as beanbags, too. Each of the six bright colors has a different texture that is surface washable.

Features of the Yuck-E-Balls:

Ideal for special needs therapy
Filled with non-toxic gel that gives a fun texture
Assorted colors
Specifications: 3 1/2" (90mm) diameter; 10 ounces (284g).
Set includes one each of the six primary and secondary colors.
From the award winning Abilitations line of Special Needs Solutions
Grade Level: Early Childhood-Elementary
School tested durable gear
Come in a Set of 6
For Ages 3+
CT-YEBS -  Set of 6  Yuck-E-Balls     $35.50
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A store filled with special therapy products and toys to help your child.
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